5 Tips To Improve Your Website

People often approach me who just want a little guidance on how to improve look and functionality their existing website.

I have put together 5 tips to improve your website. Come and see if you’re guilty of any of these…

1. Content

Having quality content on your website is great, especially for SEO purposes. However, sometimes people get a little carried away and fill the page with endless paragraphs of boring text which looses appeal the moment you look at it.

The trick is to get a good balance. You need to have at least 300 words on each page to achieve any real SEO benefits but do you need thousands? Most users skim sites to find the information they want rather than read all available content.

To improve your website content, my suggestion would be to:

  • Access what content is crucial to the topic of your page
  • Cut out unnecessary content and keep your content straight to the point
  • Avoid any repeating content
  • Ensure content is correctly formatted
  • Avoid long sentences where possible and use paragraphs to break up large chunks of text

TIP: Use header tags to break up your content – these are great for SEO and give you a great place to use your chosen keywords.

2. White Space

In design, white space is the term used for empty space between elements – it doesn’t have to actually be white.

I have often experienced clients who will complain about this ‘empty space’ and ask me to reduce it. However, it’s important to understand white space is essential to good design.

White space can change the whole look of your website and make it feel more open, clean, on trend and helps to keep the users attention.

Everyone has used Google at some point and their site is a great example of using whitespace effective. The page is uncluttered and filled with whitespace. The result – you are drawn to the important part – the search bar.

TIP: Look at your website, are all the element tightly packed together? If yes, add some whitespace (40px is the magic number for me personally) and see how it can improve your website layout.

3. Clipart

For me this is a huge no no. Clipart screams out ‘amateur’ in my mind. If I wanted to buy something and the online shop was using clipart, I would instantly think “this is not a professional website” and look elsewhere.

If you are using clipart, I would ask why? Is it because it’s cost effective? If the answer is yes, there are cheap solutions that could help you without affecting the credibility of your business.

TIP: Creative Market has a huge range of photos and graphics to choose from. On average prices ranges from $5 to $15 so you don’t need to spend big bucks.

4. Links

If you want your users to find their way around your website easily – you should create links wherever possible. Rather than displaying your links as the full url, you can incorporate them into your content like this:

Ensure your hyperlinks are visible and stand out from your main content. Using attractive buttons as links will also increase user engagement and improve the usability of your site.

TIP: Use ‘target_blank’ when linking to external sites. When the user clicks on the link, the page will open in a new window. This will prevent the user from leaving your site whilst viewing the link you suggested. See the example html below.

5. Responsive Design

I am sure you have come across a non-responsive website that doesn’t work on your mobile. You may have found yourself having to squint or zoom right in to find what you’re looking for. Annoying right?

Responsive design is now a standard – people expect websites to work on their mobiles and be user friendly. If you website is not responsive, you might be loosing customers.

TIP: Not sure if your website is responsive? No problem, simply visit your website and use your mouse to resize the screen width as far as possible. If you elements move and change to fit the available space – your website is responsive. If nothing changes, it is not.


I hope these tips will help you improve your website. However, should you have any questions or require my assistance – please get in touch.

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