• Are website builders and designers killing freelance development?

    As the market for websites is getting larger, so are the options for website builders and designers. Here I discuss the reason why I think these options are killing freelance development. The reality is, the cost of living is increasing everyday and naturally we find ourselves wanting to get more for our money. It’s no different when it comes to… View Article

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  • My top tools for freelancers 2018

    I have been freelancing for over five years now and I am always on the look out for tools to make life easier and my day more effective. Here are my favourite freelancer tools and resources for 2018. Project Management If you get a lot of requests from clients, it can be hard to keep track of everything. Rather than… View Article

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  • Handy wooCommerce snippets

    WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that enables you to sell products directly via your website. Here are some handy snippets to improve functionality. You can use the snippets I have provided below by adding these into your theme’s functions.php file. Before doing this, I would recommend backing up your website before making any changes. Declare WooCommerce Support If you… View Article

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  • Common contact form 7 issues

    Contact Form 7 is a popular WordPress plugin which allows you to easily add contact forms to your website. As great as it is, sometimes things do go wrong. Find out more about the most common Contact Form 7 problems and how to fix them. People are not filling in the fields If you want certain fields to be mandatory,… View Article

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  • The importance of updating wordpress

    If you have a WordPress website with multiple plugins, it can quite easy to pretend those pesky update notifications don’t exist. Surely updating WordPress, it’s themes and plugins is not a big deal… or is it? You will periodically get updates released for both WordPress itself and the third party themes and plugins you install. There are a few reasons… View Article

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  • ACF snippets

    ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) is a great tool for adding custom fields to your WordPress websites. I have put together some of the most useful ACF snippets that you can use on your projects. If you are unfamiliar with making coding adjustments to your functions, I would recommend backing your website up before making any adjustments to your themes code…. View Article

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